Basic Mediation Course (60 hours)

The basic mediation course is the first step for people and serves as an introduction to mediation and to the tools required for professional mediators. Our course is held in the Mosaica Mediation Center, a hub of mediation facilitation and model development, based on thousands of mediated cases.

The course provides practical knowledge and knowhow of the mediation world, clarifying and expanding skills, such as optimal and effective communication in different life areas, effective and constructive negotiations, improving interpersonal communication and work relations. The curriculum is based on the recommendations of the Gadot Committee.

Graduates who successfully complete the course receive a certified mediator diploma, enabling them to work as mediators in private settings or in organizations. Graduates who wish to expand their skills to work at Community Mediation and Dialogue Centers or to mediate court-appointed cases must complete additional training and practical experience.

The course includes: theoretical background review, short films, simulations, group discussions, scenario role-play, and more.

Course instructors: experienced mediators who specialize in business, family, and community mediation.

Course requirements: 60 academic hours (in person and/or online)


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