Mediation Tools for Businesses and Organizations

Mosaica holds lectures, events, workshops, and training courses that can include several meetings (in-person or online) designed to teach mediation tools and methods to businesses and organizations.

The program curriculum includes: collaborative negotiation, conflict analysis, empathy building, listening, optimal questioning, reflection, reframing, shift from discourse about stances to discourse about needs, different approaches to coping with conflicts and objections, creative thinking, dealing with irreconcilable situations, managing difficult conversations, dealing with emotions in conflicts, the “I” statement approach, empowerment, and more.

Mosaica also conducts trainings and workshops that address complex, real-life conflict scenarios encountered by participating organization or company staff in their daily work with other professionals, clients, and others.


Want to hear more?

E-mail us with the title line: “Interested in mediation tools for business and organizations.” Please include your full name, phone number, and place of residence.