Basic Mediation Course – Practicum (84 hours)

The Basic Mediation Course Practicum consists of guided practical experience mediating cases lodged in Small Claims Courts. The course is approved by the Director of Courts and meets the professional standards and guidelines of the Ministry of Justice.

The practicum program is an opportunity to practice mediation in small claims court cases under professional supervision.

It is held in small groups (4 members) with participants that meet Ministry of Justice requirements, which include:

All participants must mediate six cases, receive feedback after each case, and undergo a review their performance.

After completing the course, graduates receive a practicum diploma that enables them to work as professional mediators.

The course includes: mediating real cases, theoretical study, feedback, peer review and discussion, and the presentation of professional articles.

Course instructors: Experienced mediators certified by the Director of Courts to be practicum instructors.

Course requirements: 84 academic hours


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