Mediation Course for Community Rabbis (30 hours)

The course is designed for, and open to, all community rabbis irrespective of whether they have completed the Basic Mediation Course. This course was developed by Rabbi Eran Margalit, head of Mishkan Shalom, and is a service offered to rabbis in collaboration with the Mosaica Rabbis as Mediators Program. Graduates receive a certificate from both Mosaica and Mishkan Shalom. This is not a basic mediation course and is open to rabbis with no previous mediation experience.

The course offers:

Course Length: Total of 30 hours, as follows:

  1. Viewing online course units at one’s own convenience – 10 hours
  2. Fulfilling unit summary assignments at one’s own convenience, and sharing with colleagues in closed group of rabbis – 12 hours
  3. Participating in four online live meetings focusing on implementing the theories learned into practice, raising case studies for discussion, discussion and simulation exercises – 8 hours.

Course instructor: Rabbi Eran Margalit, Director of Mishkan Shalom

Want to learn more?

Visit Mishkan Shalom’s dedicated page about this special course for more details.

E-mail us with the title line: “Interested in mediation course for community rabbis.” Please include your full name, phone number, and place of residence.