Joni Orbach

Director of the Jerusalem Center for Mediation and Consensus Building

Joni Orbach has a Bachelor’s degree in History and Education from Queens College, a Master’s degree in Education from Lander College of Arts & Sciences, and a second Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution, Management, and Negotiation at Bar-Ilan University. In 2003, she began working at Mosaica. In 2011, she was appointed Director of the Center for Mediation and Consensus Building in Jerusalem. She specializes in mediation and consensus building in communities, conflict resolution training, family, divorce, and intergenerational mediation and is also a “mahut” (Court-certified) mediator in conflict resolution cases.

She developed and adapted a conflict resolution training model and teaches it across the country. She is also certified by the Court systems as an instructor of the Mediation Practicum course, for individuals training to become mediators.