Naomi Levav Yoran

Restorative Justice Program Coordinator

Naomi Levav-Yoran earned a Master’s degree in criminology from Haifa University. She is a Restorative Justice mediator, Olim LaDerech (Family Group Conferences) facilitator and instructor for mediation simulations.


In her first year working for Mosaica, she was a content coordinator for Olim LaDerech and managed a cultural competency program in the Lod Community Mediation and Dialogue Center (and have felt an emotional attachment to the city since that time). She also managed additional projects in that center and taught the Art of Hosting approach in CEF (Center for Emerging Futures), an organization dedicated to dialogue and cooperation among Israelis and Palestinians.


Moreover, she was a team member and group instructor in HUB TLV, a social activism incubator, and served as a content manager and presenter in Radio Salaam Shalom, a Muslim-Jewish online radio station in Bristol, England.