Family Group Conferences (FGC) Coordinator Training

This course trains Family Group Conference (FGC) facilitators to restore the family’s ability to take responsibility and control for its future.  The course provides the knowledge, tools, and experience necessary for coordinating FGCs in child and youth protection cases, along with practical methods to best manage the procedure.

For additional information on FGCs [link to FGC program]

Graduates receive a Mosaica diploma also accredited by the pilot program partners (Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and JDC Israel – Ashalim).

Graduates may continue their qualification by going on to complete a practicum course that includes the supervised facilitation of a single case in its entirety. Completion of the practicum is a prerequisite for working on Mosaica’s team of professional FGC facilitators.

The course includes: theoretical study, practice, simulations, group discussion and case study review.

Course instructors: Experienced family group conference coordination instructors.

Course requirements: 40 academic hours (in person and/or online)


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