Urban Renewal

Mosaica offers mediation and consensus building in urban renewal issues, among neighbors, with real-estate developers, municipal departments, etc. Moreover, Mosaica specializes in tailor-made courses to address residents’ needs. The course is based on Mosaica’s experience and provide the tools and knowledge to effectively manage communication with all parties involved in the project.

What services do we offer?

Urban renewal processes, such as TAMA 38 or Pinui binui (clearance and development), are complex projects that encapsulate a range of professional fields, from urban planning, law, economics, property valuation, engineering, construction, and more. Yet there is one aspect of such projects that is often ignored completely, namely the social aspect.

In order to effectively manage the process while maintaining the quality of life of residents, Mosaica proposes mediation and consensus building processes focusing on urban renewal, along with training or coaching for residents and various representatives to provide the vital tools necessary to improve their living conditions.

Who are the trainers/coaches?

Qualified and experienced mediators that have undergone specialized training in conflict resolution.

Who refers and is referred to mediation?

Any person involved in an urban renewal project and dealing with a dispute (with neighbors, municipal representatives, developers, the administration, or any other relevant organization or person) may independently contact Mosaica for mediation.

We recommend attempting mediation prior to a “refusing tenant” claim being filed.

Where is mediation conducted?

Mosaica provides mediation and consensus building for urban renewal projects and residents’ training or coaching across the country. Mosaica also offers online services via Zoom.

In addition, Mosaica collaborates with over 45 Community Dialogue and Mediation Centers in the community across the country and can refer people to centers close to their place of residence.

How much does it cost?

To receive a quote for mediation, consensus building and training for residents and representatives, please contact us via our contact form or via mail: urban@mosaica.org.il.